Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

Smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes in under 20 minutes!

instant pot mashed potatoes |

hese instant pot mashed potatoes are so good and so easy they’re dangerous. Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food and now that I have a hands off way of making them, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be eating so many potatoes that I’m going to turn into one.

I love how you just set everything in one pot and you’re done. Just pop your potatoes in, cook on high pressure for 7 minutes, mash, season, and eat. So simple and so good. My pro tip here is using a sieve (or a ricer) to push your potatoes through instead of mashing. You end up with super smooth and creamy mashed potatoes.

4 secrets to the best mashed potatoes:

1. Water is the enemy

Waterlogged potatoes mean gluey mashed potatoes. To avoid this, we’re going to steam the potatoes in the Instant Pot with just the minimal amount of liquid, which will make them fluffy, cooked through, and full of potato-y flavor.

2. Season!

Season at every step. I like to steam/cook the potatoes in chicken stock so it adds an extra layer of flavor. If you don’t want to use chicken stock, you can use vegetable stock or just make sure to salt the water you cook the potatoes in. You want to season when you’re cooking the potatoes and afterwards when you add in the butter and milk so you have layers of seasoning.

3. How you mash matters.

I love the way mashed potatoes taste when you push the potatoes through a fine mesh sieve. It gives you the smoothest, most luscious mashed potatoes you’ve ever eaten. But, if you like a slightly chunkier mash, use a potato masher. There are even different kinds of mashers: smooth mashers or chunky mashers depending on how you like your potatoes.

4. Don’t over mix.

Once your potatoes are mashed, you want to just stir in the liquids (butter and milk or cream) without over mixing, which can lead to gummy potatoes.

instant pot mashed potatoes |